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Oil & Gas Industry

A technical web-based application that helps operators manage and monitor their assets was developed.

Larkton, a UK based company,  requested HAK Technology Hub to test the software and feedback the findings. All functionality and usability issues were reported to enable the client plan the required actions. HAK’s past experience in the O&G was also deployed to point out the technical data related matters.

Portfolio - Larkton Ltd
Portfolio - Cultivate UAE

Landscape and Gardening

Cultivate, a UAE based company, was struggling with their process as it was taking them a long time whenever they needed to issue a quotation. Moreover, the company was not able to respond to all the received enquiries from end users and thus there were many missed potential sales.
After analyzing the quotation process, the associated data and other relevant processes, HAK Technology Hub identified a number of bottlenecks. A report was prepared  with recommendations and options that the client can implement to optimize their process.
The increase in efficiency was conservatively estimated at 500% with an increase in revenue exceeding AED160K annually.


A mobile application that enables end users to order products and corresponding services was developed.
Asmaky for Fish Trading, a UAE based company, requested HAK Technology Hub to test their app to confirm that it is working as per the initial specifications and scope.
Detailed reports (in Arabic and English) were provided listing all the functional issues that affect the user journey and experience.
Portfolio - Asmaky for fish trading
Portfolio - Personal Stylist

Personal Styling

A certified UK stylist required a website to establish her  digital presence and avail her professional services. Her services are offered individually or in combos and they are reserved through coupon purchases. 

HAK Technology Hub analyzed the requirement and planned all aspects of the website including the web hosting and web editor so that it is easy for the client to manage independently. A detailed document was provided for reference with all the technical and operational instructions. 

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