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We analyze your business requirements, research the market, evaluate options and applications, plan integrations, develop data infrastructures and workflows, prepare RACI charts, and support the implementation.

Lower cost

Lower costs

Deploying the right technology, processes and data strategy eliminate waste in time, money and efforts.

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Increase staff efficiency

With the right systems and processes in place, staff will be able to focus on customers rather than worrying about where to find information or figuring out the next task to be done.

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Expedite decision making

With the right data collected, quality checked, and properly reported, businesses will have the ability to make decisions quickly and reliably. This gives them an advantage over their competitors, especially in fast paced markets.

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Sustain good reputation

Organized internal processes reflect positively on the relationships of businesses with customers and improve the overall experience. This ultimately spreads good word of mouth.

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Align IT with business

The technology should work for the business rather than customizing the business to fit a certain technology.

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Ensure businesses can scale

Systems accommodating foreseeable future requirements help businesses scale without the need for major alterations or expenses.

IT Consultancy @ HAK Technology Hub

HAK Technology Hub follows a technology agnostic approach, which means that we study and suggest technologies objectively. When developing strategies, we look at technologies, business processes and data requirements simultaneously. Any technologies proposed need to streamline the business processes and take care of the relevant data. We help businesses avoid hoarding data without any purpose or structure. HAK Technology Hub also ensures that everything is documented so that reliable references are available for existing and new personnel. 

Clearly identified business objectives and processes are prerequisites to the success of the work and assist us in proposing what is most appropriate for each business. We also take into consideration what would scale with businesses as they grow. The implementation of the right technology strategies always takes businesses to the next level. 

Who needs Digital Strategies?

In this era, who does not?!

Digital Strategies for Small & Medium businesses

Small & Medium Businesses

Digital Strategies for Large enterprise

Large Enterprises

Small & Medium Businesses

Small & Medium Businesses

Small businesses (less than 50 employees) have the greatest opportunity to set the foundation for a culture that carries out business efficiently. However, they usually lack the expertise and staff who can tackle their technology and data requirements. It is noted that most of these businesses depend on Excel as their database. But even Excel needs a strategy to leverage its powerful features and ensure the proper management of data, which will fuel business decisions and plans.

Medium-sized businesses (50 – 250 employees) also have the advantage of being able to propagate improvements and changes fairly easily among their employees. The outcomes and benefits of such enhancements can be recognized throughout the organization if implemented correctly.

Large Enterprises

Large enterprises are governed by many Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that allow them to monitor progress towards their business objectives. Certain priorities are imposed by those KPIs and direct a lot of the organizations’ daily activities and focus. This often leads to the development of inter-departmental silos and lack of collaboration as a result of each department focusing on their specific KPIs.

Another major challenge that these organizations face is that their IT departments are buried in daily operations and maintenance activities that they have no time or interest understanding the core business. IT departments, therefore, are unable to support in the implementation, development and testing of technical applications. They are also unable to formulate governance strategies that manage data so that it is confidently utilized in business decisions. Enterprises often rely on the expertise of external consultants, service companies, and commercialized solutions. 

Furthermore, when it’s time for the business to evolve and grow, IT are usually unable to assist in strategically planning the next phase due to the language barrier between them and the business units.

Large enterprise

Regardless of the business size, HAK Technology Hub brings in a fresh perspective by looking at matters holistically and objectively without being attached to the challenges at hand. Our experts will analyze the requirements and coordinate with the respective personnel to develop and implement appropriate technology solutions, processes and data management strategies.

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